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Accelerate Your Career in Tech.

Connect your passion for technology to purposeful work at one of US and Canada’s leading public and private sector institutions.

Bronson Technical Search (BTS) is one of US and Canada’s top technology staffing and recruitment firms. With BTS, you gain access to government procurement vehicles, career resources, and our exclusive talent network to quickly connect you with opportunities at major public and private institutions.

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Shape the Future with Your Passion and Skills

Are you eager to carve out a future where technology and innovation converge? At Bronson Technical Search (BTS), we believe in empowering passionate individuals like you. Whether your interest lies in crafting immersive user experiences, maintaining critical IT infrastructures, or exploring the frontiers of AI and other cutting-edge technologies, a world of opportunities awaits.

At BTS, we’re not just about helping you find a job; we’re about guiding you towards a milestone in your career journey. Our advanced AI-powered job matching system, combined with an expansive network of employers across North America, ensures that you’re matched with roles that perfectly align with your aspirations, from desired salary and work arrangements to your specific skill level.

Your background is unique, and so is our approach to helping you. Our dedicated team is committed to supporting you at every step, ensuring that you’re fully equipped and confident, whether you’re stepping into a permanent role or a dynamic contract position.

We’re excited to embark on this journey with you. Let’s connect and unlock the doors to your next career adventure!

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Why Bronson?

Bronson Technical Search has longstanding relationships with some of US and Canada’s top public and private sector employers. We work with you each step of the way to prepare you for your next contract or permanent position.

Access to Government Contracts

BTS works closely with government agencies and is on the list for several government procurement vehicles, helping candidates gain access to these coveted opportunities.

Valuable Employer Network

Leverage BTS’ vast network of public and private sector employers. Save time spent scouring job boards and focus on what you love: innovation.

Employment Assistance

We’ll help you prepare for interviews, share best-practices, provide guidance on getting your security clearance, and anything else that will help you in your next role.

Open and Transparent

We work with you each step of the way and ensure complete transparency in pay and working environments as we research positions on your behalf.

How we help you find your next opportunity

At BTS will identify your needs and job criteria, understand your career goals, and add your profile to the BTS Talent Network.

BTS consultants possess deep experience in the North America technology sector, and they will provide recommendations and guidance around obtaining your security clearance to work on government contracts, certifications valued by employers, interview advice, and more.

Once your profile is added to our database, BTS’ team will work on identifying open positions at North American institutional organizations that fit your criteria.

If you meet the requirements for government contracts (e.g., security clearance), you will have access to valuable government procurement vehicles that BTS is pre-qualified for.

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Drive Innovation for North America’s Leading Institutions

Join a team that is building North America’s digital future.

Work on exciting digital transformation projects for federal agencies, crown corporations, and the broader public and private sectors.

We work with:

  • Federal agencies
  • Crown corporations
  • Provincial governments
  • Non-profits and charitable organizations
  • Higher education
Join our Talent Network

Earn Government Contracts

Bronson Technical Search (BTS) is a government-focused technical recruitment and staffing firm providing government agencies with access to top technical talent at all levels of their organizations.

Bronson is a pre-qualified vendor under the key Professional Consulting contract vehicles of all the levels of Government: Municipal, Provincial and Federal.

Procurement Vehicles

Standing Offers

  • Government of Canada: Temporary Help Services (E60ZN-110002/074/ZN)
  • Government of Canada: Tasks and Solutions Professional Services – Task-based (E60ZN-16TSSO/166/ZT)
  • City of Ottawa: Service Excellence Standing Offer (32317-91875-S01)
  • Independent Electricity System Operator: Vendor of Record – Compliance Audit Services (CON/MRD/17/000512)
  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada: Northern Contaminated Sites Program – Operational Program Management Support Services Standing Offer (4600001064)
  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada: Strategic Advisory Services related to Clean Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Aboriginal and Northern Communities – Standing Offer Agreement (4600000698)

Supply Arrangements

  • Government of Canada: ProServices (E60ZT-120001/226/ZT)
  • Government of Canada: Temporary Help Services (EN578-060502/194/ZT)
  • Government of Canada: Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (EN578-170432/170/EI)
  • Government of Canada: Tasks and Solutions Professional Services – Task-based (E60ZT-16TSPS/209/ZT)
  • Government of Canada: Tasks and Solutions Professional Services – Solutions (E60ZN-16TSSB/082/ZN)
  • Tax Authorization Contracts
  • Government of Canada: Document Imaging (EN929-142184/003/XS)

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